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          1.Your self-confidence never stops, your perseverance is admirable, your diligence engraves all the way, and your excellence is obvious to all. I hope your efforts will be rewarded and your efforts will win a bright future. Wish the college entrance examination go well!

          2.It's about to take an exam. Let go of the tension in the past study and face it with an ordinary heart. I believe you will get your ideal score. Good luck is always with you!

          3.There are three keys to the success of college entrance examination. One is the spirit of diligence; the other is scientific method; the third is good mentality!

          4.Confidence comes from strength, strength comes from diligence!

          5.The news of good news flies, and friends and relatives smile. It is suggested that the University of science and technology has fulfilled the dream and wish. According to the specialty report volunteer, the hobby interest is the first choice. Further study, learn to be a man, and make contributions to the country and the people. I wish you a long journey.

          6.Ten years of cold window to Jinke, June to fumen. Good news, happy heart, the whole family to celebrate the dream. We will continue to further study and have a wide range of knowledge, and the grand blueprint will be more brilliant. May you have a good future and a splendid life.

          7.Don't be afraid of the college entrance examination. Take it as a game. Keep your mind straight and avoid anxiety. Give full play to your best strength and calmly deal with the questions. I wish you good results in the examination and make brilliant achievements in the gold list.

          8.It's not the top three winners of the college entrance examination that you can't stand, but those who are not able to stand out in the college entrance examination.

          9.Confidence is half the battle. College entrance examination is a kind of harvest, it contains too much connotation. No matter what the score of college entrance examination is, your growth and maturity is beyond doubt. These three years of hard work, you will get too much, too much. You can win, you can try!

          10.With persistent pen, write auspiciousness; with struggling pen, write down luck; dream footstep, must sprinkle sweat; future hope, on the road of college entrance examination. College entrance examination day, I wish you to seize the opportunity, everything goes well!